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95 daycare spots makes a SPLASH!

Posted on: September 24, 2020

Opening of Splash Daycare - 95 spots!

Sometimes, when you close a street, good things open up!  That is exactly what happened when our ward office assisted the Splash Daycare board and staff to close Pulford Street to traffic for their ceremony to celebrate the newest location of Splash daycare.

It was my honour, as your city councillor to bring greetings on behalf of the City of Winnipeg and the people of Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry including neighbours of Pulford Street.

Children are most sincere in their actions, character and words.  In public office, it is important to keep the faith of children by being equally sincere about support for them and their parents in public office with actions, good character and words. 

With respect to action:  I've invested over $25,000 in the past two years on early childhood education centres in the ward. During a period of a pandemic, I am also making grants available to daycare centres who need PPE supplies. As the chairperson responsible for Community Services and Parks, I'm also working to introduce protections for the 21 daycare, early childhood & education spaces within city owned buildings.

It is clear SPLASH is doing a wonderful job educating their little students.  Not only did I observe really strong recognition from the children on aspects of ceremony, but the daycare is embedding the seven Grandfather teachings (Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth) within their new planned daycare room design.  

I want to thank Leslie, Splash daycare staff and board, members of the community including Gail the unbelievably talented architect from Pico Architecture and her team, and Oak Table, Joe Bova, Jeff and board members from Augustine Centre, Ken from Augustine United Church, for being such a presence on Pulford Street!

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