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Extending the tax penalty waiver

Posted on: September 2, 2020

Council holds emergency meeting to extend tax penalty waiver, and to provide masks, and kick-start mandatory mask wearing public awareness campaign

This week, council held an emergency meeting pertaining to the pandemic. It was the first meeting ever held during a prorogue period since I've been elected.

The first item, was in support of the need for mask wearing, including provision of masks, with a budget. I fully support a mandatory mask mandate, in particular in spaces like city buses and indoor spaces and in-advance of school starting. This will provide for a purchase of masks for those who most need and a needed public awareness campaign. I discuss this more here.

The second item, was to extend the property tax penalty waver.  The intent, is to help those who are in financial need during the pandemic by extending the time to enroll in the TIPP program and do so without any late payment fees, penalties, or NSF fees being charged. The aim of this motion is to help those that need it the most with the extension of the tax penalty waiver.

I know that many of the businesses, and property owners, within the five biz zones I have the pleasure of serving on as a board member are facing financial difficulties. Many businesses from bakeries to photographers have personally shared their month to month financial management realities. The hardship of wondering which bill to pay?  Money they have lost as a business. Please know my visits with ward residents including business owners who live and work in the ward have resulted in the advocacy you need reflected at city hall.  I appreciate the time businesses have spent with me this summer.

For more information, questions or concerns, please contact my office.

To see the agenda passed by council today go to: http://campuswebapps/clerksdmis/ViewDoc.asp

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