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A more pedestrian friendly Lord Roberts

Posted on: August 15, 2020

Advancing Lord Roberts Traffic Study Priority #1: Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure

As part of the Pedestrian and Cycling priority areas identified in the Lord Roberts Traffic study, many comments concerned a patchy sidewalk. This summer, there is an opportunity to improve existing pedestrian infrastructure within Lord Roberts by completing some gaps in the sidewalk network.

I am very excited to report to you that Winnipeg Transit has funding available to improve accessibility and a portion of this funding is going towards the Lord Roberts stated priority of building sidewalks that connect to the Southwest Transitway multi-use path.  Sidewalk connections with the Southwest Transitway multi-use path are being constructed in the following locations:

  • Berwick Court
  • Walker Court
  • Rathgar Avenue

The new sidewalks will fill-in missing sections of sidewalk to improve accessibility and connectivity. Sidewalks are being constructed to fill gaps, so construction should not disrupt pedestrians. As always please report any disruptions to my office as well as 311.  

Opportunities to close additional gaps in the sidewalk network in Lord Roberts are also being explored for construction in future years and the study team continues to work on developing solutions for all of the four priority areas. The priority areas for the Lord Roberts Community Traffic Study are:

  1. Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  2. School area safety
  3. On-street parking
  4. Other safety improvements

Two meetings have been held with the Public Advisory Committee this summer to review and discuss potential solutions. Phase 3 of public engagement is planned for late fall of 2020 to present solutions and get feedback from the public.

For further information please explore the study website, and subscribe to receive email updates. The Lord Roberts Community Traffic Study webpage has been updated with this information, including a map of the sidewalk locations:

You can also submit questions or feedback at anytime by phone at 204-986-4243 or by email at

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