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Grant supports Crescent Park Summer Students & Butterfly Rangers

Posted on: August 15, 2020

Grant supporting work of Fort-Garry Summer Students at Crescent Park & the Butterfly Rangers

Over the summer we have supported many garden projects including a grant of $1,098 for work equipment for Crescent Park summer students including their safety vests, work gloves and shovels among other work related equipment. Also as part of this grant, support for plantings of the Butterfly Rangers a program sponsored through the David Suzuki Foundation organized locally, by Prof. Leigh Bridges.

As you likely already know, pollination is important because so many of our fruits and vegetables and other crops that feed our livestock rely on it. Bees are a predominant pollinators, pollinating up to 1/3 of food that we eat, but so are butterflies, bats, and birds.

I'm very proud of the work across the ward on gardens and pollinator patches that continue to take place this summer. This work adds natural habitat, from these pollinator patches to your home garden (and mine) attracting pollinators and increasing our urban agricultural yield!

Special thanks to Crescent Park Rescue for their enduring commitment to riverbank stabilization and parkland preservation for the benefit of the entire community including the residents of East Fort Garry!

Very special thanks to our 2020 Summer Students!

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