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Open Streets Survey

Posted on: August 15, 2020

If you live close to an Open Street - please watch and participate in city survey

As you know Sunday/Holiday Bicycle Routes (Open Streets) that were put in place to provide a recreational opportunity and assist with social distancing. The Open Streets are slated to remain in effect until September 7, 2020. As part of the direction from Council in June, the Public Service is currently evaluating options for the potential future implementation of Open Streets.

Residents will be invited to complete a brief survey until September 7th. Following the survey city staff will analyze the results to present feedback from different groups of residents as part of the administrative report with results and recommendations for the future of Open Streets. As part of their evaluation, city administration are interested in hearing from residents that live along Open Streets, residents that live on adjacent streets and those who use the routes. They will be direct - mailing along the routes, as well as a general promotion to nearby residents and those who use the routes. Please watch for it and respond!

This direct outreach will help the city understand the experiences and inform recommendations for City Council’s consideration. Data is also being collected and analyzed to help inform these recommendations. As your city councillor, I have forwarded on and summarized comments and forwarded these comments to administration.

General information on Open Streets

It is important to note that these roads are not closed, and that all users should expect to encounter one another and follow the rules of the road. People cycling and walking are reminded to use caution, and motorists are reminded that there will be many people out enjoying the road and to be patient. Social distancing should also be maintained at all times.

Signs are posted on all approach roadways as notification that motorists are entering an active transportation route. Signs are also posted at the end of the routes advising motorists that they are leaving the designated route. Barricades are placed at the beginning and end of the routes to remind motorists that vehicle through-traffic is limited to one block on these routes. As your city councillor, I've requested increased signage and barricades to support safety.

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