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Tree Planting Programs and Contest

Posted on: July 3, 2020

Let’s talk about trees!

Our hard working urban canopy is not only beautiful but our trees provide shade, and decreases heating and cooling costs.  So many residents write into the ward office wanting updates on the health of the urban canopy, tree positive policy and tree programs.  

To get ready for National Forest Week (September 23, 2020) the Fort Rouge East Fort Garry newsletter will feature a series of posts in celebration of tree policy and shine a light on progress on tree advancement policy in the city. This issue is focused on the basic programs to support planting.


One Million Tree Challenge:

Please see the information on this new program so you can be one in a million here

Tree planting Guidelines:

City Tree Planting Guidelines from Parks and Open Space can be found here 

This is a comprehensive list of trees that are suitable and approved for planting on the City Boulevard.

ReLeaf Tree Planting Program information:

If you are wanting to plant on private property there is the ReLeaf Tree Planting Program information can be found here Please note: this program is out of stock and hoping to have more stock in for the fall.

Hiring your own contractor to replace your tree:

There is an option for residents to hire private contractors at their own expense. The Guidelines for Maintaining City Owned Trees Using a Qualified Contractor can be found here.

Tree Canada donations can be made to help support the continued efforts of urban canopy restoration here: Do you own a corporation or want to make a donation?

Do you have a tree planting story?  Please let our office know!  You could be entered to win a Million Tree Challenge prize!

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