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24/7 Grants and a Low Barrier Safe Space for Winnipeg

Posted on: June 26, 2020

24/7 Safe Space Grant Framework

Council unanimously passed a motion to support 24/7 Safe Space Grant Framework moving $250,000 this year to support community run 24/7 safe spaces.  A total of $1Million dollars will be provided over the next four years.

In addition to ensuring grants are going to community driven 24/7 safe spaces. I was pleased to sponsor a motion to EPC and Council in support the IWG-MB Coalition priority to direct the first grant of $150,000.00 towards Ka Ni Kanichihk for Winnipeg's first 24/7 low barrier safe space.

The IWG-MB Coalition is a collaborative community collective that was formed in 2014, to address the issues affecting Indigenous Women and Girls, particularly those loved ones that have gone Missing and Murdered. It is comprised of community-based organizations, individuals and provincial/territorial organizations with a vested responsibility to ensuring the safety, health and well-being of Indigenous Women and Girls in Manitoba.

Their focus had been the calling of and Independent Inquiry with the National Inquiry process complete their focus has continues on implementation of the 231 legal imperatives that have been determined by the National Inquiry.

One of the legal imperatives is 4.7:

We call upon all governments to support the establishment and long-term sustainable
funding of Indigenous-led low-barrier shelters, safe spaces, transition homes, second-stage
housing, and services for Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people who are
homeless, near homeless, dealing with food insecurity, or in poverty, and who are fleeing
violence or have been subjected to sexualized violence and exploitation. All governments
must ensure that shelters, transitional housing, second-stage housing, and services are
appropriate to cultural needs, and available wherever Indigenous women, girls, and
2SLGBTQQIA people reside.

Winnipeg is the only major city in Canada that does not have a low barrier 24/7 safe space for

A responsive low-barrier 24/7 safe space would be able to respond immediately to situations of violence.

The IWG-MB Coalition acknowledges that women are vulnerable regardless of community of origin and see the establishment of a 24/7 safe space as critical for Indigenous, newcomer and settler women.

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