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Kíkinanaw Óma Strategy to Support Unsheltered Winnipeggers  

Posted on: June 5, 2020

Kíkinanaw Óma Strategy to Support Unsheltered Winnipeggers

Motion by Councillor Rollins,

WHEREAS the City of Winnipeg is experiencing increased homelessness and impacts from settlement of people on riverbanks and in public spaces which have led to growth of encampments; 

AND WHEREAS agencies in Winnipeg including End Homelessness Winnipeg and Indigenous-led agencies recognize that over 70% of the people in encampments are of First Nations descent, Metis, or Inuit and the City of Winnipeg accepts, respects, and fulfills the distinct rights of Indigenous Peoples; 

AND WHEREAS the City of Winnipeg's efforts must preserve dignity of all peoples in keeping with human rights laws; 

AND WHEREAS the City of Winnipeg has a duty to meet basic life safety needs and ensure everyone has the same protections under its by-laws;

AND WHEREAS no clearly demarcated exits and entrances, flammables, feces, and refuse, presents a threat to human health and safety, regardless of living situation; 

AND WHEREAS the Strategy to support unsheltered Winnipeggers, Kíkinanaw Óma, is an ongoing effort with partners within rights based frameworks, including working with those with experience living in encampments. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Winnipeg Public Service be directed to report back to the Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks within 90 days on:

  1. An overview of the current state of residents living in encampments (including those with no fixed address) respecting:
    • Processes available to provide supports;
    • All stakeholders and agencies currently involved in providing supports, and the networks that have been formed for such efforts;
    • Gaps in support that would be otherwise beneficial to those residents;
    • Risks and threats to the health and life safety of those living in encampments;
    • Number of inquiries, complaints, or calls, to 311 regarding encampment concerns;
    • Programs and initiatives of other levels of government designed to provide support to those living in encampments.
  2. That the Proper Officers of the City be authorized to do all things to fulfill the intent of the foregoing.
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