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Breaking Ground on the Vincent Massey Press Box!

Posted on: May 27, 2020

Vincent Massey Trojan Football Boosters Press Box!

After much heavy lifting Vincent Massey Trojan Football Booster parents can boast they have finally broken ground on the Press Box!  Parents like Ms. Mehra have been pushing to see this day.  I'm very grateful to her, and the boards perseverance to get this done on behalf of student athletes.

Today's football game is based on technology.  The league mandates moreover, to film every football game, to learn from it, and become better players.

Currently the Vincent Massey football club uses scaffolding. In Winnipeg, with our climate, this is not safe for filming.  Moreover, filming in this way in inclement weather doesn't produce the best quality film.  This causes the Winnipeg High School Football League a lot of grief.  So the technology of a press box is key. 

There is a lot of work that goes into coaching and covering and tracking football statistics and press boxes can certainly help.  It allows a safe and fair advantage, with spotters.  Teams have radios, clipboards, allowing for a more equitable game and approach.  Again, in our climate, it allows for folks to properly hold a clipboard and ensure game played at level.

I personally like the part where it is safe, dry and comfortable. Now, I understand the convention is to not cheer from press boxes. Note to Coach McKay:  This City Councillor may need a gentle reminder about this convention!

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