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Bus shelters as make-shift shelters

Posted on: December 19, 2022

Simply dismantling bus shelters is not a solution to the lack of affordable housing options in Winnipeg. Transit shelters are not built for habitation. They do not offer the kind of support available in supportive and affordable housing. We need more supports for harm reduction services, supervised drug consumption sites, housing, and health supports.

We need to work better as a community to address and fund the necessary supports for our equity-deserving communities. We need harm reduction services. We need supervised drug consumption sites. We need housing. We need health supports. These investments would benefit our City greatly and will make our neighbourhoods safer and more secure.

Winnipeggers might remember that one of my promises during municipal elections is to push for support on supervised consumptions sites and continue advocacy on wrap around supports in housing, so streets and bus stops are not the only solution. I will continue to push for wrap around supports in housing. For my interview with Kelly Malone

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