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Osborne Village BIZ

Posted on: December 2, 2022

Congratulations Osborne Village BIZ’ Board and Executive Director Lindsay Somers on your annual general meeting for 2022.

Like any other year, Osborne Village BIZ has done so much for the Osborne community, including new public art, creating new public spaces, collaborating with business owners, and connecting with community members. Your priorities to maintain, beautify, improve community safety, and engage with Osborne Village was very successful this year.

If you walked around Osborne Village over the past few months, you will see new public art installed at the Bell Tower plaza, the River and Osborne intersection, and 120 Osborne Street. A round of applause for the artists who worked on the projects, respectively, Alex LaPlante, Josiah Koppanyi, Joe Kalturnyk, and Tamiko Chase. Thank you for your contribution to the beautification and livability of Osborne Village!

I also want to thank SABE Peace Walkers for continuing to keep Osborne Village safe through harm reduction, de-escalation, and Indigenous teachings.

During the Annual General Meeting, Osborne Village BIZ also celebrated many projects, including Summer in the Village, Community Celebration, and Culinary Walking Tours. I hope the neighbourhood enjoyed free live concerts, free community workouts, and all the other activities.

Now, we are waiting for Winter in the Village. See you there, Osborne Village! Thank you for the endless work of Osborne Village BIZ Board and Lindsay Somers. Let’s continue to increase the livability of Osborne Village.

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