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Keeping children safe in Lord Roberts

Posted on: March 25, 2022

I was very happy to be able to meet with the Lord Roberts School Parent Advisory Council this past month to discuss these newly implemented improvements and get their feedback.

We have three new crosswalks that were installed in August 2021 near Lord Roberts School to increase safety as part of the changes the Lord Roberts Traffic Study implemented.

New Crosswalks

These three new locations are patrolled and the new crosswalks will enhance visibility.

They are located at:

Cockburn Street S at Rathgar Avenue
Cockburn Street S at Beresford Avenue
Daly Street S at Beresford Avenue

Additional Changes Implemented:

Trial loading zone implemented

Traffic improvements during pick up and drop off to help ease congestion and ensure students can load and unload safely. Lord Roberts School is promoting a "walk a block" program where children who are driven are dropped off or picked up a block or more away from the school instead of at front door in order to reduce congestion.

Traffic Calming Measures Established

Speed Table was installed on Cockburn St S

Signal Timing

Timing for lights on Jubilee Ave was extended at Cockburn St S and at Daly St S to give more time for crossing during school arrival times and school dismissal times.

Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Pedestrian crossing improvements on Jubilee Avenue at Daly Street. The signal timing plan was adjusted to provide more time to pedestrians crossing Jubilee Avenue during school hours. Pedestrian countdown signals have been added to this intersection.
Reduced Speed School Zones

Expanded Reduced Speed Zone

Expanded the reduced-speed school zone on Daly Street S to better accommodate student patrols.
The 30 km/h reduced speed school zone on Daly Street South now goes from just north of Rosedale Avenue to just north of Walker Avenue.

Cockburn St S and Rathgar reduced-speed school zones were appropriate so stayed the same.

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