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Traffic Calming for Gladstone School

Posted on: March 25, 2022

A new traffic calming project was launched in our ward on Gertrude Avenue between Nassau Street North and Osborne Street in front of Gladstone School. Public engagement took place in October.

Proposed design

A speed table and a midblock raised crosswalk with a curb extension is proposed on Gertrude Avenue.

Speed tables and raised crosswalks are elongated versions of speed humps that have a flat top. These measures slow speeds by causing the upward movement of a traversing vehicle and create discomfort for those traveling at higher speeds.
The new school crosswalk will enhance pedestrian visibility, reduce crossing distance, and provide improved access for students walking to school.
Funding is available through the Traffic Engineering Improvement Program to install these improvements in 2022.

Full project details are available on the City’s website at:

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