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Posted on: August 6, 2021

There are so many amazing urban canopy boosters in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry.  Champions of greenspace all of you!  A very special thanks to all those neighbourhood volunteers, young and old, who are watering trees in this persistent heat.  Here is the latest update from our Trees Mulvey Group written by Sue Fonseca:

“What a great neighbourhood coming-together we had last summer!  We, with encouragement and financial support from our City Councillor Sherri Rollins, have attracted the attention of tree lovers from other streets and neighbourhoods.  Inspiration and hope are especially important these days, so good on us.

Thanks to monitoring and vigilant watering last fall and this spring, all 9 new trees survived the winter!  Each new tree now has a dedicated watering crew – typically the resident in front of whose property the tree is located and/or by next-door neighbours.

Our latest update from Jeffries Nursery indicated that in this crazy warm weather, trees need to receive 10 gallons of water three times each week.  That’s five watering cans!  We fertilized them in the spring and will do it once more this summer.  Our two Lord Selkirk Maples are suffering from Leaf Scorch so really need water.

We are in communication with an arborist regarding the remaining elms.  We expect to lose another 6-10 in the next two years and will discuss what we can do to prolong the life of the healthier adult elms. 

Thanks to Ellice for this great work of art and how wonderful to see the youngest generation getting involved in our tree care!”

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