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Winnipeg Wellness grant given to West Broadway BIZ

Posted on: March 19, 2021

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry was proud to award a Winnipeg Wellness Grant in the amount of $1,825.00 to West Broadway BIZ. The Wellness Grant from our office will enable a West Broadway walkabout with drag queens. The idea behind the West Broadway walkabout is having a fun, smile causing tour of the neighbourhood and all the great businesses and art it has. Using West Broadway BIZ's walking maps, the queens will set out in the neighbourhood, stopping to pick up takeout and goods from businesses, and they'll stop to rest/admire the murals and other businesses. The funding from the Wellness Grant will go towards creation of a video of that tour that will be shared on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and on the West Broadway BIZ website for all to enjoy. The Queens West Broadway BIZ has hired to participate in the tour all live in the neighbourhood, and are Indigenous, two-spirit or non-binary people, so this is a way for them to showcase their fabulousness in the neighbourhood they call home, while showcasing West Broadway in a fun, unique, safe and engaging way. West Broadway is also working with a local video production team, so all of the jobs resulting from this project support Winnipeggers!

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