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Rapid Housing Initiative

Posted on: December 2, 2020

I have been working hard to get federal grant money flowing under the recently announced Rapid Housing Initiative to help Winnipeg address critical housing shortages.  As you know, the housing market is usually not responsive to critical housing and community safety needs.  Projects like the ones supported through the Federal Government's Rapid Housing Initiative is very much needed. 

Some highlights on this motion on $12.5M passed unanimously at council on November 26th:

1) Shawenim Abinoojii Inc. (SAI) - Responding to Youth in Care 51.5% of those experiencing homelessness had been in the care of CFS services.  The development of safe, affordable, culturally relevant housing targeted to support CFS involved youth and families is critical.  These folks make up 'hidden homeless' a fact homelessness advocates are well versed in  (which Winnipeg has a hard time substantiating in data) and the Federal Government is well alert too.

2) New Directions - responding to intersection of hard to house those with disabilities that have experienced chronic homelessness.  I know Jennifer Frain has worked very hard over the years to ensure people are literally supported, and not dying due to the experience of chronic or sudden homelessness including those that have developmental disabilities. 

This program is designed to build rapid housing across the country and given the projects highlighted above it is going to support those sleeping rough. 

Winnipeg needs more money, and I am continuing to work with Members of Parliament towards this goal!

For a full list of the projects see here:  

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