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Annual Snow Route Parking Ban to begin on December 1

Posted on: December 2, 2020

The City of Winnipeg's Annual Snow Route Parking Ban will take effect at 2 a.m. on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Residents are reminded to not park their vehicles on streets designated as snow routes between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. until the ban lifts on Monday, March 1, 2021.

Residents are encouraged to check streets for snow route signs, or if unsure, use our online address look up tool, the Know Your Zone Mobile app, our interactive snow route map, or by contacting 311.

Snow routes are a top priority for snow clearing and ice control to ensure that emergency vehicles can navigate quickly and safely around the city. It’s important that vehicles are not parked on snow routes overnight to enable rapid and efficient snow clearing and ice control of these critical routes.

Enforcement of winter parking bans

In addition to the Annual Snow Route Parking Ban, the City may declare an Extended Snow Route Parking Ban, Residential Parking Ban, Snow Emergency Parking Ban, or restrict parking on select streets to facilitate snow clearing operations. In all these instances, vehicles parked in violation may receive a ticket and may be towed to the towing company’s compound.

We are urging residents to stay informed on the City’s snow clearing operations and to move their vehicles accordingly to help facilitate the efficient clearing of our roadways.

How to stay informed on snow clearing operations

We have a number of resources available to help residents to stay up-to-date on our snow clearing operations. Residents can download the official Know Your Zone Mobile app for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store, and save their favourite addresses to get information on parking bans and to receive notifications ahead of snow clearing operations on their street.

The City also offers email notifications which advise subscribers when parking bans are declared. To sign up for notifications, visit or contact 311..

Residents can also access an interactive snow clearing status map to check on crews’ progress during major plowing operations and during residential plowing operations by searching an address and viewing the percentage completed.

During a major plowing operation, residents will be able to search an address, and view the percentage completed by geographic area for main routes (Priority 1 or P1) and regional streets (Priority 2 or P2), as well as sidewalks and pathways. During a residential plowing operation, residents will be able to search an address, and view the percentage completed by snow zone for residential streets (Priority 3 or P3).

Residents can also view street priority, active transportation route priority, and sidewalk priority on searchable maps.

The City also shares information about snow clearing and ice control operations to its followers via Facebook and Twitter.

More information

For comprehensive information and resources on the City’s snow clearing and ice control operations, including more information on winter parking bans and enforcement, see:



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