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Choice is in Curvilinear Bridge!

Posted on: December 7, 2020

Osborne to Downtown Walk Bike Bridge and Connections project 
This is a special reveal of the recommended bridge design, cycling network, and  details of the park improvements!

The preliminary design of the bridge and parks, and functional design of pedestrian and cycling connections are now complete, based on technical design and public input.  The study included the preliminary design of a new pedestrian/cycling bridge across the Assiniboine River between Osborne Street and Donald Street.  Upon construction, it would link Fort Rouge Park on the south side of the river with McFadyen Park on the north side, and would tie into the proposed/existing north-south pedestrian/cycling network.
Public input gathered in Phase 2 of Public Engagement demonstrated the highest level of support for the cable-stayed curvilinear bridge. Based on both public input and technical design considerations, the cable-stayed curvilinear bridge was selected as the preferred bridge option.
Design was modified for maximum playground protection

Upon Consultation with Parks & Open Spaces and Community Services, the parks design was modified to reduce the potential for collisions between children using the playground and cyclists accessing the multi-use paths.

Design considered comfort & route impact
The evaluation of the cycling network used technical analysis and public feedback to evaluate route impacts on the community and businesses and level of comfort for all road users. The recommended cycling network includes east-west connections in Osborne Village along River Avenue, Stradbrook Avenue, and Wardlaw Avenue, and north-south connections along Scott and Lewis Street. Further public input will be required ahead of confirming the final design of the cycling connections.
The next phase of the project is detailed design of the bridge and parks and preliminary design of the cycling connections.

The project is currently not funded, so it was referred to the Unfunded Major Capital Projects list for annual review and prioritization.  It will be further defined upon the completion of the Transportation Master Plan. 
The project website ( will be updated this month. 
If you have any further questions about it, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, and alternatively Natalie Geddes, the Public Engagement Officer for this study.

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