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Lord Roberts Traffic Study Next Steps

Posted on: November 17, 2020

Next Phase Lord Roberts Traffic Study!

Over to you! Ready, set, engage!

The next phase of public engagement for the Lord Roberts Community Traffic Study will launch on Tuesday, November 17th!! This phase will see community members provide feedback on a series of solutions that support the study’s four priority areas.
You may recall, the City had sought early input on solutions over the summer in meetings with the Public Advisory Committee. Based on that feedback the city is now ready to go public again!  

Although the pandemic has changed many plans for in person engagement - they City has had success with virtual engagement and anticipate community members will respond!  I know residents of Lord Roberts are particular interested in sharing their thoughts!
What to expect in this round

I understand solutions will be proposed to residents grouped into three categories:
1. Immediate, which will be implemented during the next phase of the project
2. Proposed, with implementation dependent upon feedback
3. Long-term, which are subject to budget availability and City-wide prioritization
How else is the city planning to get the info?

In addition to information from your city councillor, this phase of engagement will be promoted with:
Postcards delivered to each resident and business in Lord Roberts; neighbourhood posts; News release; Social media; and as always, support from the local advisors.
Also! Please watch the website here for the online survey (available November 17 to December 13)
and a Virtual event (December 1)!!
What is next after this round?
Following this round of engagement, the City will further refine solutions and an administrative report will be submitted to Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works shortly thereafter, detailing the solutions for Lord Roberts.

I will be representing your interests in that meeting - but before I do I want you to engage! engage! engage!

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