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West Broadway: New Affordable Housing Project

Posted on: November 3, 2020

The affordable housing project at 198 Sherbrook is reason to celebrate.  In the words of one West Broadway Neighbour "we don't need more studies on housing and poverty we need the resources".  

West Broadway is a community that believes on the right to housing. 198 Sherbrook is a win for the West Broadway neighbourhood and another win for partners like West Broadway Community Organization and the West Broadway Biz who have been strong advocates for affordable housing and community safety.  

This 28 unit mixed use building is all affordable housing some 10% below median market rent, and impressively, 6 units 30% below market rent.  

In the case of 198 Sherbrook affordable will also be beautiful.  The design echoes the public space angles on the street, and on every balcony.

I'm grateful to the developer for being so sensitive to the neighbourhood. The building folds right into the fabric of Sherbrooke, unobtrusively playing with what has always been there, even partnering with it to create larger sidewalk and pedestrian space and finally, echoing that up and through the design of the balconies.  Affordable and also beautiful.  

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