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Keeping Pace with Tree Policy

Posted on: October 31, 2020

Tree Policy

City Centre Community Committee loves to work and meet about trees and so do our residents.

To get ready for improved policy to protect our urban canopy is the expectation of residents who advocate for trees we passed and have successfully gotten the public works department to start work on a tree re-planting donation program!  As groups like Trees Earl Grey and Trees Riverview form.  This work is important to keep pace with your ambitions!

The Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks referred the Tree Re-planting Donation Program to the Winnipeg Public Service for inclusion in the Comprehensive Urban Forest Management Strategy for the purpose of incentivizing the replacement of trees on boulevards and/or on the 10 foot of public land adjacent to privately owned properties.

While we wait for the public service to work on the new donation program here is all the tree information you need all in one place:

Please see here:

Homeowner Tree Maintenance

Currently, with respect to replacement trees, there is the option for citizens to hire a private contractor at their own expense.  The Guidelines for Maintaining City Owned Trees Using a Qualified Contractor can be found within  public works department:

Tree planting Guidelines:

This is a comprehensive list of trees that are suitable for planting on the City Boulevard:

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