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International Women's Day

Posted on: March 8, 2019

International Womens Day: Proud to be elected with this group of women in politics.

Truly very excited to be elected with this group of women City of Winnipeg Councillors.  Councillor Santos is focused on Community Services and Assistant Deputy Mayor, Councillor Janice Lukes is a formidable policy mind and advocate for Active Transportation, Councillor Cindy Gilroy is Chair of Water, Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment, she started the United Nations Safe City initiative, and I work closely with her on the Housing Steering Committee that she also chairs.  The Speaker Devi Sharma is supportive of women in politics and the first woman to serve in the role in the history of the City of Winnipeg.  I am a member of Equal Voice Manitoba, and happy to discuss how to get more women involved in politics.

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